Our commitment to sustainable art
At the studio we are committed to creating art in a sustainable & responsible manner, which is why we have partnered with KlimaDAO to offset our carbon emissions by 5 times.
Our carbon emissions are calculated based off the energy generated from:
  • Deploying smart contracts
  • Minting the full collection
  • Rendering the artworks
  • Secondary sale transactions
We aim to perform carbon 'retirements', where carbon credits are redeemed on-chain, on a drop by drop basis. This allows us to make calculations after the majority of secondary sale volume has occurred.

All Retirements via Klima can be found here.


Primer on KLIMA

​KlimaDAO is a collective of environmentalists, developers and entrepreneurs who aim to pool their knowledge and expertise to drive change in the carbon markets, today.
KlimaDAO is building an open-source, transparent community that will leverage the power of Web3 to deliver immediate and measurable climate-positive impact.
Klima incentivizes new supply of Tokenized Carbon Tonnes (TCT) on the blockchain through the KLIMA token. By driving demand into Tokenized Carbon, it incentivizes carbon offset producers to produce more carbon credits, assisting the adoption of new carbon mitigating or sequestering technology, and disincentivizes companies wanting to offset their carbon footprint with only C.Cs, and forces them to perform environmentally friendly actions.
Klima is the first building block for unlocking the carbon economy — an economy where more economic activity leads to an acceleration in planetary regeneration rather than more damage to our planet. Before, monetary incentives and environmental incentives aren't typically aligned.