Commonly asked questions

What is the

The is a generative art platform created by the gmDAO
We're a community run project built by artists, for artists. We are also the world’s first completely decentralized art platform.
We’ve developed the studio from the ground up using our experience with existing artistic platforms and the challenges they present to new artists, namely; extremely long application times, poor communication and financial barriers to entry.
Our belief is that art should be inclusive & accessible to all, which is why we implemented two practices into our ethos which we understand will allow for equal opportunity for every applicant:
  1. 1.
    A blind curation process
  2. 2.
    Artists pay no fees (the studio handles marketing, deployment & rendering costs)
Featured artists are selected using a blind curation process handled by our curation panel. Prospective applications are presented to the panel anonymously & only include a random sample of the collections outputs coupled with a brief introducing the work. This ensures that artists are selected purely based on merit rather than prestige.
You can submit your collection here, or by contacting us at [email protected]

Who are the curation panel?

The curation panel consists of hand picked generative artists & connoisseurs from within the gmDAO, many of which have launched extremely successful collections of their own both independently & with other platforms.

Who are the gmDAO?

The gmDAO is a community of NFT collectors, artists & investors created on September 2021 using a fair token distribution.
Structurally the DAO consists of 900 members, the majority active within the NFT sector, with backgrounds ranging from accredited investors to renowned generative artists. Our primary goal is to foster & encourage the development of the NFT space.
Learn more about the gmDAO at

How do I join the gmDAO?

To gain entry to our community one must hold a gmDAO token, our native governance token with artwork designed by legendary generative artist Rich Poole. These tokens allow their owner to participate in the governance of the DAO, as well as granting additional benefits relating to ventures created by the DAO.
Purchase a gm. token here:

What are the benefits of joining gmDAO?

Each gmDAO token entitles it's owner to participate within the governance of the DAO, and vote on proposals which dictate how treasury funds are deployed.
Additionally a gmDAO token grants the holder access to a closed Discord which functions as the central hub of the DAO.
Finally, gmDAO token holders benefit from perks related to gmDAO products including the studio, such as automatic discount on 'Blind' fair auctions and the opportunity to participate in 'Select' private sales.

How do I get on the allowlist (AL)?

'Blind' collections will only be released using public fair auctions, therefore no allowlist spots will be offered. However, owning a gmDAO token will entitle you to a fixed discount in these auctions (subject to final auction price being above resting price)
'Select' releases are developed exclusively for gmDAO token holders. gmDAO token holders are able to pre-purchase / reserve 1 piece per token they hold. Reserves are made available on a first-serve basis. Reserves are non-refundable & will be honoured indefinitely. They can be claimed at any-time after the collection goes live.