The world's first community owned and managed arts platform by artist, for artists.
Our goal is to make generative art accessible and inclusive to all. Our product offerings are articulated around two distinctive categories: 'Blind' & 'Select'.

Blind : The finest collections curated on merit

Our unbiased review process remains one of our strongest USPs and is fundamental to our brand identity.
‘Blind’ continues the lineage of our previous curated offering and is positioned as our halo product. A Blind collection represents any submission which has passed our blind curation process. Our ambition is that all generative artists will aspire to achieve this accolade throughout their career.
The 'Blind' product provides:
  • Transparent & efficient submission process.
  • Constructive & actionable feedback
  • Art selected on merit, not reputation
  • Zero artist fees
  • Competitive royalty structure
  • Broad exposure to established collectors & investors
‘Blind’ collections are offered via public fair auctions
A fair auction is a price discovery mechanism in which the auction starts from an initial asking price which is lowered incrementally until it reaches the price level at which the total number of bids is equal to the collection size.
The final price for all bidders will be determined by the amount paid by the last bidder.
Unlike a Dutch auction, those that bid above the final price will be refunded the difference between their bid and the final price.

Select : Our artist in residency program

‘Select’ represents our artist in residence program, and allows the studio to approach artists without compromising the integrity of our blind curation offering.
‘Select’ curation is undertaken by a small team from within gmDAO who have a deep understanding of the generative art scene. The curators identify talented artists who are pushing the boundaries of the field, including those whose work may not typically be submitted to the studio. 'Select' provides the studio with a broader scope for the forms of art we can consider.
The program provides the 'Select' artist with access to the studio’s resources, as well as mentorship and support from our development team. During the residency, the artist is encouraged to experiment and advance the limits of what is possible with art.
The goals of the program are to foster a vibrant and dynamic creative community around generative art, and to support artists in the development of their craft.
‘Select’ collections will be made available exclusively to gmDAO members at a fixed price.
Before the official release of any 'Select' collection, gmDAO token holders are able to prepurchase/reserve 1 piece for each token they hold (delegated tokens are also supported). Please note that reserves are non-refundable & non-transferable. Reserves will be honoured indefinitely and will can be claimed once the collection goes live.
Opt-in reserves are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
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