Curation process


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    Blind Curation — Meaning, submissions are taken at face value and assessed for their artistic merit by a group of curators to reduce any potential bias associated with an artist or their past work.
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    Fast and Thorough Feedback — We differentiate ourselves by moving quickly through applications, and we offer clear and concise feedback to artists that are accepted or rejected.
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    Push Artistic Limits — As a launchpad, we should always be seeking out artists and art that are pushing the limits in the space.
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    Clear Expectations and Feedback — The curation panel sets clear expectations in regards to the timeline for the review process. Feedback is provided to submitting artists in a concise manner to submissions that make it to curation for both go and no-go submissions.



Submissions are first screened by the curation lead for a subjective quality standard. Those submissions that do not meet basic quality standards will not make it to the curation team, and the artist receives a notification from the curation lead with the no-go decision. This is to ensure we are using the curation panel’s time efficiently. Submitters are also subject to a cool-down period at the curation panel’s discretion as we don’t want artists iterating and submitting repeatedly.
Submissions are batch reviewed as they come with the 3-5 day turnaround. Identifying information about the artist is stripped, leaving the inspiration for the work, outputs, and code. Threads are then created in the curation Discord to begin the review process per each submission. Curators should hold their initial feedback for 24 hours in a draft state within the thread before sending their comments in order for opinions to not influence other curators.


Temperature check via output review is done in each thread, with curation members providing their first thoughts and feedback. Focusing on aesthetics, vision, the work relative to the marketplace, and how it is pushing boundaries.
  • If rough consensus is generally positive—meaning the majority of members respond to a poll within a submission thread with a ‘go’ within 24 hours—the curation panel begins offering recommendations on prospective mint size and price.
    • Given a go from the curation panel, the artist has a chance to address and apply curator feedback. This is also where we need a panel artist to review the submission’s code to ensure there is no plagiarism.
    • When disagreement between an artist and panel occurs, it is best to work with the artist to understand the, ‘why,’ behind their mint price and supply request. This situation will lead to a re-poll after 24 hours of discussion.
  • If consensus is generally negative—meaning the majority of members respond to a poll within a submission thread with a ‘no-go,’ within 24 hours—feedback is aggregated and then provided to the artist as a no-go, with the option to submit again after applying the feedback (subject to a 2 week cooldown).